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We've made a short reading list for you. There are titles below that cover the luddite uprisings from different perspectives and are aimed at different age ranges. You can find more to read in our Articles and Essays section>>

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The Luddites: Machine-Breakers of the Early Nineteenth Century

by Douglas Liversedge

Publisher's Description

Discusses the causes, events, and aftermath of the machine-wrecking campaign carried on by early nineteenth-century English workers who felt the machines were destroying their jobs.

Publisher: Franklin Watts (1972). ISBN - 978-0531021620

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ShirleyBook Cover image


by Charlotte Bronte

Publisher's Description

Annotated edition.

Struggling manufacturer Robert Moore has introduced labour saving machinery to his Yorkshire mill, arousing a ferment of unemployment and discontent among his workers.  Set during the Napoleonic wars at a time of national economic struggles, Shirley (1849) is an unsentimental, yet passionate depiction of conflict between classes, sexes and generations.

Additional Notes

Shirley is a romance set against the background of the Luddite disturbances in Yorkshire.

Publisher: Penguin Classics (2006). ISBN - 978-0141439860

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Writings of the LudditesBook Cover image

Writings of the Luddites

by Kevin Binfield (Ed.)

Publisher's Description

Though famous for the often violent protests they organized, the Luddites also engaged in literary resistence in the form of poems, proclamations, petitions, songs, and letters. In this volume, literary scholar Kevin Binfield collects complete texts written by Luddites or Luddite sympathizers between 1811 and 1816, adds detailed notes, and organizes the documents by the three primary regions of origin: the Midlands, Northwestern England, and Yorkshire.

Additional Notes

This volume makes available and accessible a wealth of textual and cultural information that has been overlooked for far too long by literary scholars and cultural historians alike.  

Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press (2009). ISBN - 978-0801876127

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A Historical Account of the Luddites of 1811-1813: With Report of Their Trials at York Castle (1862)Book Cover image

A Historical Account of the Luddites of 1811-1813: With Report of Their Trials at York Castle (1862)

by John Cowgill (Pub)

Publisher's Description

This book is a facsimile reprint and may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages.  

Publisher: Kessinger Publishing (2009). ISBN - 978-1120150684

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The Machine Breakers - The Story Of The Luddites - True StoriesBook Cover image

The Machine Breakers - The Story Of The Luddites - True Stories

by Angela Bull

Additional Notes

This is a book about the Luddites for children.

Publisher: Collins (1980). ISBN - 978-0001952232

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Through the Fray: A Tale of the Luddite RiotsBook Cover image

Through the Fray: A Tale of the Luddite Riots

by George Alfred Henty

Publisher's Description

Digitised version of a classic late-Victorian fictional account of the Luddites for children.

Publisher: Scribner (1894). ISBN -

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Liberty or Death: Radicals,Republicans and Luddites,1793-1823

by Alan Brooke and Lesley Kipling

Publisher: Workers' History Publications (1993). ISBN - 0952254905

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The Luddites of West Yorkshire

by E P Greenleaf and J A Hargreaves

Additional Notes

Includes 1 booklets and 14 information sheets. 

Publisher: Huddersfield : Kirklees Leisure Services Libraries, Museums & Arts Divisio (1986). ISBN - 0900746181

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InheritanceBook Cover image


by Phyllis Bentley

Additional Notes

Classic novel commencing with the Luddite rising in Yorkshire by Halifax authoress Phyllis Bentley. Her work describes the ascent and decline of the West Riding's textile industry and the relations between master and men through the story of five generations of the Oldroyds,  a factory-owning family.

Publisher: Pan Books (1967 (Original pub. 1932)). ISBN - 0330400118

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