Cropper in West Yorkshire

Tolson Museum

Tolson Museum presents a vivid and intriguing picture of the local area and its people, from pre-historic times to the present day. Each layer of this rich history is revealed through unique collections of artefacts that provide a direct link to the past.

The local textile industry created wealth for mill-owners such as the Beaumonts who lived in Ravensknowle Hall before it became Tolson Museum. Displays of machinery and artefacts explain how the factory system changed the lives of workers and of the spirited resistance to new machinery by the Luddites.

Within the Textile Gallery visitors can see a hand cropping bench and shears along with a display of the frames, so detested by the Luddites, which mechanised the process of cropping. The museum also has several other Luddite related artefacts including Enoch’s Hammer and a hair tidy made by one of the Luddites whilst awaiting trial at York Assizes.

The Kirklees Image Archive has been based at the Tolson Memorial Museum, Huddersfield since 2004. To date over 60,000 images have been scanned and added to the image database.  See


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