Cropper in West Yorkshire

Colne Valley Museum

Colne Valley Museum is housed in a row of weavers' cottages known as Spring Rock in Golcar, Huddersfield. It depicts the life of the 19th century handloom weaver in its original setting, demonstrated by volunteers. There are a variety of spinning wheels including the Cottage Wheel and a working Spinning Jenny. A Cropping Bench display explains the history of the Luddite rebellion against the new cropping frames.

Many of the frames were made by Enoch and James Taylor of Marsden. These two former blacksmiths also made sledgehammers, which the Luddites called "Enochs", saying, "Enoch hath made them and Enoch shall break them."

The display, which was funded by money left to the museum by the late Mr A. Guy Crowther, a former trustee of the Museum and a captain of the textile industry in the Colne Valley. It includes a ‘Nellie’ which is the name given to the cropping bench, a replica set of cropping shears, a replica of Enoch’s hammer and a 19th century lithograph of John Wood’s Cropping Shop at Longroyd Bridge, (famous as the centre of the Luddite conspiracy in 1812), donated to the museum by W & E Crowther.

Open from 2:00-5:00pm Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

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